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Ed-a-Mamma is a brand that cares. About children. About the Earth. And we have fun adventures, along the way. Right at the heart of our story are a little girl and her little dog, and their big adventures to save the planet. And we want you to come along for this ride.

We’re all about the simple pleasures. Evenings spent playing with friends. Laughing till your tummy hurts. Lying in the grass, looking up at the sky. Friendship. Community. Nature. Animals.

So we decided to create a world that nurtures in children a love of nature. Knowing well that they will look after what they love. After all – we are children of mother Earth.

Ed-a-Mamma combines two things I care deeply about: Our planet and our children.

So I decided to create a world that nurtures in children, a love of nature knowing fully well that they will look after what they love.

And I plan to do this with what I know best: telling stories. Everyone loves a good story. And at Ed-a-Mamma that’s what we do, tell stories.

Our first offering is a range of thoughtfully designed playwear for children. Ed-a-Mamma will also be a series of books and so much more. All designed to help us put our planet first and build a conscious generation, one product at a time.

– Alia Bhatt

Discover Our World

Discover Our World

Ed is a little dog, with no home, and he fins his Mamma, a little girl with a big heart. They were meant to family. And they are meant to change the world, together. Their story celebrates ordinary kindnesses, and the hero at the heart of each one of us.

Discover Our World

Our garments are designed to last more play dates, more runs in the sun, more wear to make more fun memories in.

Meet Ed-a-Mamma

Meet Ed-a-Mamma

A little dog with no home, and no family. But with a heart full of love and hope.

A kind little girl with a heart full of love, and a secret superpower.

They were meant to be family. This is the story of how Ed finds his Mamma.

She becomes Ed’s safe place, so he can finally be happy. And he inspires her to the best version of herself.

Join her and Ed on all of their adventures. We hope they inspire you to find the hero inside yourself.

Made In India